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Monday, 20 August 2007

Monday Weigh In Week One

Kitty and Rachael weigh in on Monday so I am joining them. Although it has only been three days I am pleased to report a GAIN of 0.6kg to an all time highest weight of 65kg.

Probably something to do with the bread. If I buy a loaf of Noble Rise Poppyseed and Sunflower bread I am going to eat it at every opportunity.

My carbs have stayed under 100g a day but maybe that it too much for me. I know it is just water blah blah blah but I don't want to be filled up with water like a bloated whale.

On the plus side, I did have a good workout this morning for the first time in ages and I do have much more energy.

So scales vs feeling good? What are you going do? Sounds like no contest to a rational mind, but to me, I hate weighing this much.

Oh well - I shouldn't give up after only three days I suppose. Maybe a miracle will happen ... yeah right :)


  1. FUCK! how did that happen??? Is CSIRO for you if you gained???? I would be spitting tacks....

  2. Katie
    You know you can't really consider this a gain - daily fluctuations can be as much as a 1kg, and you've only been doing CSIRO for 3 days. Two days ago you only ate 1200 cals, you must know in your head that you haven't eaten enough for a gain, so let your body sort itself out. Stick with me and aim for consistent good healthy eating - in the end we will win this winter war!

  3. Don't get too down even though it is sooooo easy to do. It's only been a few days - it'll work out just stick with it. We've got a bit of a way to go before we get to the end. The biggest downfall in dieting is expecting it all so fast. I am guilty of doing exactly that, but I'm working on changing it!