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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

It's all about the B00Bs*

As posted a long time ago (I can't be arsed finding it to link to it) I have a lot of trouble with those stretchy 'v' back sports bras/tops. Not only do I find them difficult to put on and take off, but I find them hard to find underneath all the clothes I fling on the chair in the study/gym.

Now although my breasts are significantly smaller than before, I do not relish the thought of them drooping even further by running in a normal bra, or with nothing at all. So, in order to do cardio in the morning, I need to locate and navigate the sports bra prior to any activity.

When I am half asleep, this usually defeats me and I don't bother. Cardio is therefore bypassed and I just do some weights instead (that don't involved swinging titties - ie pushups are out of the question) or nothing at all.

So last night I came up with a plan.

Last night I went to bed with my sports bra and knickers on. Not only did I have my boobs firmly planted on my chest all night, this morning I merely got up, pulled on my bike shorts and jumped on the treadmill (without even putting on shoes). I didn't get cold taking off my warm T-shirt or nighty that I normally sleep in, and I didn't have to deal with higher function coordination while still asleep.

This might sound like the laziest approach to working out - I mean, who is too much of a slack arse to even get dressed for a workout, but for me it was an unbelievable improvement.

I also seriously planned to split my cardio into three sessions of 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes in the morning, a 5 minute walk out and 5 mins back at lunch and then another 10 minutes before dinner when I got home.

Guess what happened? You're ahead of me right? I walked for 10 minutes, felt fabulous, so then jogged for 15 minutes and walked for the final 5 minutes. 30 minutes done and dusted!

This evening I have sore legs so not only did I work my heart and lungs and burn some fat this morning, I have worked my legs muscles. I love achieving two things at the same time. I hate leg workouts - lunges and squats are from the devil, but it appears that walking and running on an incline can work those damn quads and hammies which will be hurting even more by tomorrow morning.

Weight update ~ the scales showed a loss this morning , lower than yesterday and lower than my starting weight from Friday. Lisa is right, I can't gain a kilo of fat by eating 2 slices of bread. I don't want to jinx it so I'm not telling precisely the number, but I am optimistic for an even smaller number tomorrow.

I'm off to get ready for bed now - sports bra here I come. I just had another idea - if I put the sports bra on when I get home from work and change into my trakky daks (tracksuit pants for the non-Australians) then I just have to strip off at bed time. Geez I'm clever!

* sorry Kitty, this post is NOT about ladyee love!!


  1. I think we should write a book on mind tricks.
    When I don't want to run - I tell myself I don't have to - just get out and walk - after all - thats not hard.

    When I don't want to tackle a certain distance - I tell myself I dont have to - I can stop any time and walk if I want to.

    And guess what - it works. Why walk when you can run - its much faster, you feel better - and you get to look like one of the "fit" ones!

    PS - confession time - I sleep in my sports bra sometimes too - but mainly for warmth!

  2. I am bloody sure I have read somewhere that it is not healthy to sleep in your bra mate... but if it helps you .. what ever. Glad to hear the scale is coming down..phew had me worried there.

  3. Baaahahahahahaha. My heart did flutter momentarily. I do the sleeping in the sports bra too. I actually take it a step further and sleep in my workout tshirt and track pants and socks - so all I need do at 6am is put on my trainers and hurl myself at the treddy. I ran for 5.5 kms yesterday Katiep and I put on half a kilo. Doncha love it?

  4. LOL! You always make me laugh :)