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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Power of Now

As often happens in life in general, the same things keep popping up in unexpected places. I have been reading posts about the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Being a great believer that there are no coincidences, I went out and bought the book.

I could fill up pages of Internet space on what I have learnt from this book in terms of spirituality but I just want to share my weight loss thoughts here.

In my own personal humble experience, I live for the future. I eat what I eat and I exercise in order to reap the benefit of being skinnier sometime within the next days/weeks/months. I rarely think about how I look/feel/weigh right at this moment, I think about either how I used to look (which could be either fatter OR skinnier) or how I will look sometime soon.

All I have is right now. There is no yesterday and no tomorrow.

If I am not happy with my life situation right now (I weigh too much) then I have three choices. I can (a) accept it (b) take action to change it or (c) remove myself from the situation (um ... this is a little difficult to do in this instance). But I have to decide to do one of these three things right now ... not tomorrow.

How does that change my thought processes and behaviour.

- I eat to satisfy my hunger right now. I don't eat more now because I might be hungry later. I don't eat nothing now even though I am starving so I can eat crap later on. I don't have a "last supper" because I am going to be good from tomorrow onwards. I don't forbid healthy carbs so I can binge on them on Saturday.
I eat healthy nourishing food that will nurture and fuel my body at this moment.

- I enjoy my exercise for how it makes me feel while I am doing it and immediately after I've finished. I will not force myself to work out when I am already in pain from yesterday's workout. I won't run until I feel nauseated.
I will use exercise as an opportunity to be conscious of my body and dwell in my physical being and not my brain.

- I will disengage that voice in my head that tells me I will always be one meal away from being overweight. I will not listen when I tell myself that I will always have to fight this battle and eventually I will lose. I will instead turn off the voice in my head completely and instead marvel at how far I've come. How fit and healthy I am and how I only have to deal with this moment right now - not the rest of my life.
I accept that I am heavier than I would like without making it into a "good" or "bad" thing.

There is no other time but right now.

As the gorgeous Marla says "Someday is Now".


  1. Yes, yes and yes
    You've nailed it.

  2. Geeze you are FULL OF IT today eh? Well said though, I totally agree with ya......totally.

  3. Brilliant! I started reading that book but never finished. You've inspired me to continue reading. I think I'll begin to live more along your priciples. We should appreciate our bodies for what they can do to help us enjoy the present moment. Well put!