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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Note to Self

The effects of eating two slices of carrot cake for morning tea
1) cake does not satisfy me - I want to keep eating the rest of the cake so after two slices my craving is greater than if I hadn't had any at all
2) a sugar crash is not a pleasant thing - I am tired, find it difficult to concentrate, I am edgy and hungry
3) although I consciously choose to eat the cake in some weird attempt to prove that I can eat in 'moderation' without being 'bad' or off plan, I still pretend that I'm full and skip lunch. In actual fact, I am starving but after finding out I have just eaten over 700 calories and 90 carbs, I have to make amends
4) after getting home late, with really low blood sugar, Indian takeaway courtesy of Mr Katie is irresistible.
5) a higher than usual volume of food has an almost instant laxative effect - hopefully that's a good thing

Today's eating will not be labelled good or bad, it just was what it was. The lessons I learned, though, were all good.


  1. Hmmm nice lesson to learn mate! Laxative effect.. know that feeling at the mo!

  2. I'm still trying to teach myself these lessons - just hoping that the frequency of the lessons are moving further apart. You know I don't really think its the calorie intake thats the problem here, its the impact it has on food choices for the rest of the day. I'm convinced now that skipping meals eventually leads to weight gain because it impacts negatively on metabolism, and then skipping meals leads to other choices we would not normally have made. I wondering (through my study of "normal" "thin" people) if the trick isn't to accept the calorie splurge, and then disregard it, and eat as per normal at the next and future meals? I'm testing my theory here that if the body gets used to regular nutritional "feeds" it will then disregard/burn occasional extra calories in an attempt to maintain a "setpoint" weight.

    Oops - that was a long comment - but I think you and I are both trying to understand how this all works for long term weight stability!