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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

What if it wasn't about the food?

This morning, I steeled myself psychologically and emotionally to stand on the scale on shame. Although I am not quite brave enough to say the number out loud, I don't appear to have done much damage with my weekend of shovelling shit down my throat. A fluctuation of less than 1/2 kilo is more than likely due to my explosive PMT breasts that barely fit into my bra today.

So how did I manage to stand fast against the pillage of the pounds you ask?

I have two theories ...

Exercise seems to be one reason. And I am not talking about hours of cardio, I'm talking about throwing a few (heavy) weights around. I usually try to do some planned exercise every single day. In the past few months, I have been having too many 'rest' days. This past week I have been doing something every day again. Perhaps I am such a well oiled muscle machine that all I have to do is workout and I'll not gain?

The other theory has to do with the 'set point' school of thought. This slightly higher weight seems to be where my body is most comfortable. Although I would prefer to be leaner, it doesn't seem hard at all to stay where I am now.

So maybe it isn't about the food. Maybe if I just do my exercise like I should my body will settle at a steady weight without all the wild fluctuations I experience day after day. Normal people [whoever they are] don't lose and gain 2-4kgs over and over again. Or maybe they do and just don't notice it because they don't stand on the scales every morning.

Of course, I can't eat anything in sight with gay abandon, but I may need to release my perception that my food choices alone always translate 100% into fat. Maybe I can eat like a body builder, stay the size I am right now and gain some muscle mass ... mmmm ... curiouser and curiouser ...


  1. OOO OOOO I am like you... I keep gaining and losing the same 5 kilos.... so frustrating .... must pull finger. You at least are at a decent weight right now.... booo hoooo.

  2. Anonymous6:30 pm

    The dietician at my work raved about the set point thingy... I am starting to feel the same.... I cant seem to get any lower than 53kg.... hmmmmm.....