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Saturday, 1 September 2007

I am an athlete

This week I have run/walked for 35 minutes every day except Friday. I am up to Week 3 C25K which is
- 5 min warmup
- 90 sec run
- 90 sec walk
- 3 min run
- 3 min walk and

For my efforts I have gained another kilo. Strangely though it doesn't bother me.

I am still concentrating on being in the present and running makes me feel fantastic both while I am doing it and for the rest of the day. It's a new definition of instant gratification. I am not going to wish my life away anymore - just doing things as a means to an end is pointless. Now is all I have, so I am going to enjoy it by eating good wholesome food and running.

I am an athlete - not a fat or skinny person, not a number on the scales, but an athlete.

I went out and bought toys to celebrate. I am now the proud owner of a N1k3+1p0d thingo, a new pair of N1k3 joggers and some sk1ns (good for preventing the thighs rubbing together).

Today I ran 5.31K with an average pace of 7'16" per kilometre which I am almost certain in only marginally faster than an actual real life snail.

The great thing about all of this is that all it requires is that I DO something each day to met my goal. All I need to do is get outside and run. Easy. It's harder NOT TO DO something (eat) than it is to DO something. And even if I don't eat shit, I still can't guarantee I will have success on the scales.

Walk outside, listen to some music, move my body and my goal for the day is achieved.
As I said, instant gratification - gotta love it!!!


  1. I'm glad for you.

  2. Since you 'adopted' this new attitude you have sounded so much happier mate, so I am really happy for you... being fit and healthy is the number one most important thing, not a bloody number on the scales.... I learnt this the hard way this week. Anyway, keep it up, you are insiring me.....maybe not to run, but definitely to be fitter and happier.

  3. You are doing so well! I gave up interval training last week and am now doing alternative cardio, I found the jogging (not running!) just too hard at this point!

  4. I soooo resonate with what you are posting about at the moment - and I think its all really positive. This is why I can't understand people not getting into exercise - because its so much easier to actually be doing something towards your weight loss/health and fitness goals, than stopping yourself from doing something (ie eating). I swear exercise is the easy part! And doesn't running feel so good - hard I know, definitely a mental thing - but you feel so good for the rest of the day.
    Keep it up KatieP - I think this might be the beginning of the new healthy you!