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Monday, 1 October 2007

Day One

Today is day one of my BFL challenge. I have done my weights workout. Here is the front page of my journal with my first star. I did end up weighing in this morning and it wasn't as bad as I thought. 65kg flat. I only need to lose 1/2 kilo a week to make goal by the end of this challenge.

I have taken Lisa's advice and I am going to continue to run but only three days a week and I am going to concentrate on going further rather than faster. I will do it on my cardio days - Tues, Thurs and Sat.

~ oOo ~

The quest for a Buddha was unsuccessful so I made my own out of modelling clay. I am no sculpting master so it is a little rough and ready - "earthy" I like to call it. This is the result of my handiwork ...

It's a glorious 30 degree summer day here in Sydney and a holiday - ahhh life doesn't get any better than this except I'm bored ... oh well ...


  1. Anonymous7:48 am

    Hey Katep,
    Its Cheryl the fellow runner (who hasnt ran for 2 weeks due to illness and put almost 2kgs on!!)
    Have a look at I brought a buddha from them. It was sometime ago now but they may still have some. Its called The Budda Pack. It has a small Buddha, Prayer beads, a book ,Meditation cards and incense in it. I think i paid about $30.00. Mind you i think you did a great job making a buddha.
    Have a great week!
    Cheryl :-)
    PS Im the same hight and was the same weight as you but ive gone up to about 67 right now :-(

  2. awww i love your buddha!!! :)