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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

When you eat healthy food ...

... you have to work hard to hit your calorie target - and sadly (or gleefully) I have come up short the last two days.

I am not quite managing 1500 calories (or even 1200) because I am eating too much fruit and veg and not much fat!

Today I had
B: Protein shake with milk
L: Chicken salad + apple
AT: Nut bar
D: Homemade mince burger with lowfat cheese, veges, salad wrapped in an egg white crepe
DS: Diet jelly with rockmelon

... and I lost 1/2 kilo overnight.

I promise I won't continue eating like this, I want to average 1500 a day which means I can go higher if I get the munchies. I can probably get my free eating day in and still remain at the 1500 average mark.

I have serious DOMS today in my biceps and triceps. I enjoyed my workout yesterday because it was one exercise for each body part pyramidding (I invented that word!) from light to heavy with a final set of a different exercise.

For example (I started light)
Chest Press
1. 12 reps 2.5kg
2. 10 reps 4 kgs
3. 8 reps 5kgs
4. 6 reps 7kg
5. 12 reps 2.5kgs
Chest Flyes
6. 12 reps 2.5kg

I suspect that I can do 5. and 6. at a heavier weight but I am still starting out slowly. Obviously I did something right because I can feel it today.

Had a great 6km run this morning. I was trying to go slow but ended up with one of my fastest times. I had my protein shake straight after and didn't really feel like any other food.

2 days down 82 to go.
I am a warrior, a lean, mean muscle machine.


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    i love your new word invention hehe

    oh i wanted to ask you, while i am here... seeing as you work where you do, are u in any way able to get bjork tickets if someone who was really kind to you asked you to get them? special?? :):):):):)

    just a query as i know its going to be hard and bjork is mine and reeces most favorite lady ever!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    You'll definitely need more food, and more carbs... low calorie sucks! Especially if you're going to run. And who says you can't have grains? Rice and oats are two of my favourite foods. Yum!