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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

DOMS of Death

You know you have worked out a little too hard yesterday when
~ you can't sit on the toilet without using your hand on the seat to lower yourself down
~ you have to pull up your knickers very slowly
~ you need to hang on to the handbasin to stand up from the toilet
~ every bump on the road is magnified through the seat of your scooter causing shooting pain through your glutes
~ standing poses in yoga make you wince
~ balance poses in yoga make you cry

I now remember how painful it is to have lower body DOMs. It is OK once you are warm (my run this morning was quite enjoyable) but as soon as you cool down you seize up. I nearly fell out of my chair about 16 times today when I got up from my desk and forgot that my legs had forgotten how to hold me up. Thank god tomorrow is upper body.

I nearly skipped my run this morning because I could barely get out of bed, but a really silly thing motivated me. I am sticking a coloured star on every day I achieve my exercise goals in my BFL journal and I didn't want to have a gap where should have been a star for today. I convinced myself to run for 10 minutes and then run home again and I would deserve my star. In the end, I did the whole 5 kilometres. Just for a silly star ... go figure.

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  1. If a silly star does it for you I say GO FOR IT! I got a star today too, I lost 3 kilos this week!!! AND I am going to see my Doctor in about and hour... thanks for the heads up about the ice... I am positive I am iron deficient. And my teeth are killing me from crunching on ice all the time!!!! LOL