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Monday, 8 October 2007

Crappy scales of Doom

I woke up this morning to 64.9kg -- a gain of everything bar 100g I lost last week. Lucky for me I took photos yesterday that (in my demented mind) show progress. I am so glad I did that, because otherwise I might have chucked it in this morning and been a cranky shit all day.

Instead, I loaded up the heaviest weights I could find and did hideous squats and deadlifts until my legs felt like jelly. Want to guess who won't be able to run anywhere tomorrow morning?

I take heart from the poster girl of perseverance - Miss Size 8 Jeans. She has a free day each week which usually means she weighs heaviest on Monday (her weigh in day). Then it drops back down again as the week progresses. Last Friday she weighed 131.6 lbs but weighed in today at 136.8 lbs. That's about a 2 kilo difference. I can live with a 1 kilo swing ... I'll wait and see what happens as the week progresses. Although if I followed her example, I would weigh in today and post 0.1kg loss ... nah, not going to do that ... I wouldn't eat anything at all on my free day if I had to weigh in the following day and then spend the rest of the week feeling deprived!

Random tip: Did you know that you can freeze brown rice? I cook up a huge pot and then put one cup portions in freezer bags and freeze it. 2 minutes in the microwave and it's ready to serve. So much easier than waiting for 30 minutes each time you want rice.


  1. Great tip, I'm going to try it :D

  2. Thanks for that tip, I certainly will try it... I usually cook up quite a bit and just leave it in the fridge .. taking some each day till it's all gone, may be a bit dodgy!