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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hellava Tough

It's been a "hellava tough" week which is why I haven't updated.

I have massive PMT (the Chinese herbs made no difference) and I am struggling. I even missed my morning workout this morning but I am going to go for a run at work shortly.

The major stress has been seeing the high high HIGH numbers on the scales this week. I know (KNOW) that it is just water but 66kg on Monday doesn't put you in a very positive frame of mind.

I am back down to 63.8 today but still look like a puffer fish - all bloated and squishy. This is the middle of Week 4 so I should have expected some weird hormonal shit sooner or later!

Not looking for sympathy, just letting you know I'm still here and still alive. I haven't caved in and gone 'off plan' so I know I'll be OK.

I have made some index cards with that stomach picture above on them with the following words:

I am an athlete
I am 15% BF
I love to exercise daily
I always choose healthy food
I maintain my ideal weight effortlessly
I love to drink water

I have one on the bathroom mirror, one on the bedside lamp, one on the treadmill and one at work. Maybe this will help me think like a skinny person.

Onward and upward (or downward!) xxx


  1. Anonymous5:26 pm

    You ARE a machine babe, you can do it!!!!
    I hate TTOM.... dont get PMT but get pain and floods.... not good!
    Anyway, chin up chuck....
    S X

  2. Those index cards are powerful postive reinforcements for sure! You are inspirational how you just keep on working at your ideal body, PMT and all! Good for you mate.

  3. I love those cards, very positive.
    As for PMT, I hate it to..(like everyone!) I skip it now for 3 months and I find it works well!

    You should start thinking like a skinny person cause you are,and you are getting fitter to!!!