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Sunday, 28 October 2007

How to do a BFL style workout without going to the Gym

This is for Rachael who wanted to know how I work out at home with only a small amount of equipment.

My workouts are based around dumbells - I have 5 different weights - 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 4kg, 5kg, 7kg. I also have a set of ankle weights that I whack on my wrists or legs to increase the weight by about 1kg each side.

This is the weight I normally use.

If I am feeling strong I do my final twelve(s) at a heavier weight.

If you feel the weight you are using is too light at any stage, just slow down, especially on the way down (or the part that is giving in to gravity) and you will feel the burn.

The idea is to pre-exhaust your muscles with the first four sets so that you have trouble belting out the last set of 12 of the original exercise and the last 12 of the secondary exercise for each body part should be nigh on agony (referred to as your 'high point' in BFL).

Again, if it is feeling too easy, go slower or just keep going (more than 12 reps) until you can't do anymore and then up the weight next time.

If I am short on time, I sometimes put the three arm exercises together. I do a tricep kickback, continue into a bicep curl and then push up into a shoulder press.

I don't wait very long between exercises so I am usually done within 30 minutes (that is Upper Body one day alternating with Lower Body 2 days later). And that's it. You can choose any two exercises for each body part and I recommend you pick different ones every four weeks to prevent your body getting used to it (oh no, it means I have to do dreaded lunges, pushups and reverse crunches this week - YUK!)


  1. God, you are a wonderful lady! And what delightful arms you have, too. Thank you so much for your numbers. I really appreciate knowing how the 'professionals' do it xxxx

  2. Thats good to know, I only have limited stuff here to, (dumbells and weights), I just have to get hubby to show me now what to do!!


  3. Anonymous10:01 pm

    very inspiring workout + great progress pics, keep it up u look stunning