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Sunday, 28 October 2007

BFL Challenge Week 4 Day 28

A different bikini for your viewing pleasure. Weight this morning 63.1kg. That's nearly 2 kilos in 4 weeks which is as fast as I can expect to lose weight at this size. Was hoping to see the 62's today but not to worry. I am also days away from TTOM so can't complain. Not particularly happy with my wobbly bum ;) Free day today - YAHOO!


  1. I am going to hid in me wardrobe in mourning now... there is no way I am ever going to look as bloody fantastic in a bikini as you do right now!!!!!!!!!! Your waist is becoming miniscule!

  2. That is a great difference Katie babes, looking hot!!!
    S X

  3. Katie, You look fantastic. I thought you looked great in the first weeks pic, but you alook amazing. I cant wait to see the week 12 pic!
    Cheryl :)

  4. You're doing awesome!

    You can totally see the changes both in you physically and in the tone of your log.

    You've totally inspired me to start running again (stopped one day this summer and just lost my way).



    Great Job.


  5. You look fantastic, and thank you so much for your help with this stuff. I'm going to try. I don't think I have heavy enough weights to do the weight training any justice. Can you tell me what you do? I would love to know if what I am doing is OK. Thanks heaps, Katie xx

  6. Wow, look at your waist!!! and your back is getting very muscular too!!! I can't wait to get results from the weights!!
    Awesome:) Loving the transformation...and having photos really helps the cause!!!

    As for the weight loss as such, with not much to go I guess its a slow process, but you can definatly see the changes!!


  7. shit love.. this is so noticable! you are fucking hot if i do say so myself!

    i love your tiny teeny waist!!!!!

    goooooooo katie! shows what hard work does! x

  8. nice work katie!! your doing so well!! i cant wait to see the week 12 pics!!