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Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Last Place to Go (and Return)

The difference between normal weight and lean is often the stubborn fat that has always been a problem area. When you are a normal weight, you can still have those part of your body that look fatter than the rest. For me it is my hips and thighs, and since I've passed 40, my belly as well.

When you get down to 'normal' from being overweight, you sometimes despair that you are still the same lumpy shape except smaller.

But if you persist, and lose just another handful of kilos, and head towards being lean, you will lose those annoying bits, and quickly. So when I am at my personal goal (under or at 60kg) I have a flat stomach and streamlined thighs.

The reverse is true unfortunately.

The minute I go over the magic 60kg mark, the lumpy bits and round tummy return at a rapid rate.

The good thing about this dilemma is a mere 1kg weight loss makes a HUGE difference in the mirror.

I have lost only a kilo in the last week and the difference is amazing - especially my stomach - which should be bloated and extended from TOM - which appears almost flat again. The gap between my thighs is increasing by the day.

If I was vain, rich and shallow (hang on - I am!) I would get liposuction on these areas to nuke these particularly annoying fat cells and that might solve my problems ...

So I am back from my 10km run which was only 8.1km because I took a quicker way home after I reached halfway. I had to stop and walk because I don't feel so great today, but it is true that although you don't feel like it, exercise makes you feel better when you have cramps.

Better go wash off my sweat ... I've got a hot date with TIM the muscle manipulator.


  1. That's such a good thing to know - I've never got that close to my goal weight so I've wondered if I'll ever lose stomach fat. I have fears of just getting thinner elsewhere and still holding onto it. I feel very motivated by your post :D

    I'm with you on working out with cramps - it's just mind over matter.

  2. You're right - that final little bit of fat makes such a difference. BUT... don't get weight and fat confused you can lose fat without losing weight (or much weight) and look a million times better.

    Muscle rules!