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Friday, 5 October 2007

Freaky Friday

This week has been going really well. I have achieved all my exercise goals, and although I have been under eating (not on purpose) I am happy to have regained control over what goes into my mouth.

I will weigh in on Sunday morning prior to my 'free' day, but I am heading towards a 1kg loss.

What makes this particular freaky you ask? (Actually it's the voices in my head that ask these questions but never mind ...)

TTOM arrived tonight (a week early AGAIN - my cycle is now down to 21 days - thanks hormones).

I achieved this amazing feat of eating healthy carb and fat controlled food for 5 days while I had PMT. This, my dear reader, is a MIRACLE. And I lost weight - FUCKIN FREAKY!!!

And I didn't have the normal bloating and excruciating breast pain that normally accompanies this part of my cycle. Nor have I had those bizarre night sweats this month.

As I am not any sort of scientific expert (in fact anything to do with maths, logic and science totally confuses me, hey, I'm the artistic type) and I don't believe everything I read on the internet, I have seen some evidence that suggests high fat diets aggravate PMT symptoms.

High fat intake can also influence water retention. In one study several years ago a group of women suffering from PMT were put on a diet composed of 40% fat. They then switched to a diet with only 20% fat. When PMT symptoms of the two periods were compared there were significant decreases in weight gain, bloating, and breast tenderness with the lower fat diet.

Fat. Studies have shown that women who limit high fat foods in their diet have a serious decrease in breast pain. Eliminating heavy fats and animal products can lend to greater overall health which should help to minimize all PMS symptoms.

Couldn't find any actual studies sadly. Dunno if it's true, but something has been different this month.

I have decided that if I am going to be disciplined with my food and exercise then I should find something utterly indulgent (and non-food related) to reinforce my body awareness/acceptance. So I am booked in for a deep tissue massage tomorrow with someone who stretches you as well. I do two yoga classes a week with two very different teachers. The male teacher is very hands on and comes around and stretches you out in the poses which feels really really good. I am hoping that this happens tomorrow.

The other interesting thing is that now I alternate between weights and running days, I look forward to my mornings again. I can't wait for tomorrow when I am going to go for a long slow run first thing. It will be a beautiful day and I am going to head to Darling Harbour via Pyrmont. I am attempting 10kms at a slow trot. Then home for a shower and the aforementioned massage.

Oooh ... I'm as excited as a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come - so the best strategy is to go to bed now so tomorrow comes quicker.

See you later when I am so relaxed that I probably won't even be able to lift my fingers to type.

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  1. Down to 21 days... hmmm I remember them.. I am now down to 14 days.... oh the joys of being a woman! Hope you have a fantastic massage, it sounds devine.