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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Welcome Cheryl

Welcome Cheryl to the weird world of blogging - she posted her first post yesterday (sorry it takes me a while to catch up sometimes!)

Although Cheryl's story is yet to unfold (I can't wait ...) from her weight loss ticker I can deduct (because I'm the smart one remember *wink*) that she started at 113 kgs, has lost 46 FECKIN' (I'm trying to clean up my language) kgs and is only 5kgs away from her goal.

OH MY GOLLY GOSH ... oh fuck it ... HOLY SHIT BATMAN - she is a SUPERWOMAN with SUPERPOWERS - and she runs ... I feel some hero worship coming on ...

She wanted to know what N1k3 shoes I wear so here's a really exciting picture of them - except mine are glamous ORANGE (eeeewww!). They are called Air Structure Triax + 10.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 am

    welcome to cheryl and yes those orange runners are hot! see i told you that you shouldve let me take a piccy of them when we were eating lunch that day hehe xxx