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Friday, 2 November 2007

Eating Like a Mad Woman

Well it had to happen I guess. Four weeks of almost perfect compliance to BFL and then one week of total mayhem.

I do have the excuse of PMT which, as usual, is my excuse for everything. I have been eating like a mad woman.

It started on Wednesday when I had a particularly long and stressful day working with some band called P0wd3rfing3r on the steps of the White Sails Asylum. Somewhat ironic that the concert was about brea5ts (cancer) and mine were about to explode.

So (1) when you start work at 8am and don't get home until after 11pm and you are physically running around all day, it is difficult to eat 6 balanced meals at 200-250 calories each.

After such a long day endured with agressive PMT I woke yesterday morning feeling like a truck ran over me and missed my morning interval cardio. I fully intended (yeah right!) to do it in the evening.

Then yesterday afternoon, TTOM arrived with all the accompanying cramps and general malaise. When Mr Katie offered to take me to an Indian restaurant, I chose the restaurant over the cardio session.

So (2) a restaurant meal with your significant other when you feel like sh1t is hard to resist. Especially when it gives you an excuse not to do your exercise.

And for today, I have no real excuse. A drinks session held in my honour at 5pm ended with me eating LOTS of nibbles (although mostly just wholemeal crackers and cheese). I came undone when after missing a proper dinner, Mr Katie emerged late tonight with Turkish Pide.

So (3) don't miss meals, because takeaway tastes bloody good.

Perfect Miss "I am Shrinking Everyday" has relapsed.

What to do now?

Do I forfeit my free day because I have already had two free meals this week or will that set me up for failure later on next week?

Do I workout on my free day, because I missed a session this week?

Or do I erase these last three days from my memory and continue on as though I had remained on plan?

Bugger, I wish I hadn't been so hopeless! But I suppose 3 crap days out of 35 isn't too much damage. I am worried though because I have fucked up 3 days in a row ... what if I can't stop?


  1. Hi Katie! You are doing so great! Don't say anything like 'hopeless' and '3 crap days' and all that stuff. You are sounding like me, really too hard on yourself.

    First of all, you are doing great on the BFL thing, it is bloody hard from the look of it and I'm well proud of your photos (I am not supposed to be on weight loss blogs but I don't care anymore).

    So you had a bit of curry and whatever else. The end.

    Start over.

    Have you free day, keep to the programme, forget about the stumbles, everybody stumbles. That doesn't mean you have a broken leg and everything is 'lost'.

    Why not ask Mr Katie to offer to take you for something less calorie dense? Or even include him in your 'training and eating' schedule more so that he doesn't offer the 'good stuff' and the 'worst time'. I am certain he would support you in your challenge because he will be reaping the benefits of a very happy, self assured woman when you reach your goal.

    Sorry about the long comment. You are doing so well, don't let this tiny little hiccup matter too much. Keep going. x

  2. Katie,
    Forget about the last couple of days and keep keeping on, as per the plan! They are not going to change your result at the end of this challenge. Just keep at it, and maybe chauck in an extra set or two, or ten more minutes of cardio each session, and you'll be fine. don't be disenheartened- you're my inspiration!

  3. Three bad days out of 35 is still greater than 90% success rate and really is anyone ever going to be 100% all the time, unless they are living in some perfectly controlled environment? I'm sure you'll be right back into it now you've had this little glitch.

  4. I agree with everyone, no one is perfect and a little slip is totally human and normal. All you can do is just keep going, 3 days out of 35 isn't bad, an average of not even 1 bad day a week!!

    Your doing extremely well!!!