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Saturday, 3 November 2007

What Body Fat % Really Means

I haven't been recording my body fat percentage because it hasn't budged an percentage point since I started this challenge.

Today I decided to do the sums. If you look at my sidebar, my food diary now has BF%, LBM and FAT.

Curiously, although the scales are definately up this week, I haven't gained any fat. I have basically stayed the same within 100g or so.

The LBM (lean body mass) has increased. Now this measurement is not just muscle, it includes organs, bones and water weight. But I am hopeful that some of it is, in fact, new muscle.

This fills be with cautious optimism. Perhaps my perceived out of control eating has been my body crying out for my calories to help repair the muscles I have been stressing over the past few weeks.

A girl can live in hope ...

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