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Sunday, 4 November 2007

BFL Challenge Week 5 Day 35

IN THE 62's ..................... IN THE 62's .............................

Yes folks - this morning weigh in 62.9 kg. A feeble week's effort (200g) but better than a gain. It appears that I haven't done too much damage with my mid week meltdown.

There is not much progress with the photos except my bum seems to be shrinking. I lose weight from the top half and then the bottom so it looks like that is where the next changes will be.

My back muscles are making a comeback. I wish I knew how to flex properly.

I don't think I will have an all out free day today. Just a couple of small treats ... a Magnum at least!

In one more week I will be half way through this. I will have to work hard as I should be at 62.0 to make weight goal by week 12.


  1. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Shit, what a difference babe!
    You are hawt!
    S X

  2. You look awesome, Katie. Well done!!

  3. Well done Katie!!! You are looking so good!! Free days put me off track.


  4. Anonymous7:07 pm

    mrooow u are stunning!

    and i love the pandora on your wrist there tee hehe

  5. Katie, You look amazing!!
    Cheryl :)

  6. hey Katie!

    your looking amazing!! well done!!


  7. Anonymous11:19 am

    You look amazing Katie. Your back is all muscle! Yay for you :)


  8. you are doing great - congratulations! x

  9. Hey! I'm a lurker, and I really enjoy your blog. And I just tagged you. Don't hate me. :)

  10. Hey Katie, Are you doing BFL with kek? If so ive been incontact with her regarding this. I would really like to have a chat to you about it. Maybe Email?
    Let me know.
    Cheryl :)

  11. Katie I went to one of Rossana's bodybuilding comps once, very inspiring you should go to one if you haven't already.

    Anyway if I remember right the back pose consisted of arms out sideways at shoulder height, with foreams pointing up and wrists flexed out (in a lady like pose) kind of like a U but very rectangular.

    Hope that makes sense lol

  12. Okay maybe not so rectangular as I thought, here's some examples:

    Just experiment with how fat you bring your forearms in and use what ever looks best.

  13. ack let me hyperlink it so the url doesn't get chopped off at the end: back pose