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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Little Known Facts

Here are a few little known facts in the world of weight loss and fitness.

# Nestle Diet yogurt has the lowest calories of all 'fat free' yogurt.

# Egg whites have heaps of protein and very few calories/fat. In omlettes you can't really taste any difference from whole eggs.

# If you don't enjoy plain water, buy some diet cordial. I can drink a litre of cordial much easier than plain water.

# Experiment with the temperature of your plain water. Some people can only drink it icy cold - I actually drink warm water out of the tap because it goes down easier.

# Frozen veges are just as good as fresh ones. A quick dinner is some diced chicken, tin of crushed tomatoes, and frozen veges heated up in a pot (I just had it for tea - YUM)

# As you weigh less, body weight exercises (push ups, sit ups, running) become easier and expend less calories. Add some weights to add back the weight you have lost (I wear ankle weights velcroed together around my waist but a weighted vest would probably be better).

# If you have read my blog from the beginning you will already know this, but for the new readers this is very important. ALWAYS exhale on the hard part of lifting a weight. Do not hold your breath and push. Trust me on this, the holding your breath will result in problems in your nether regions [OK PILES!!]

# Do incidental exercise - hold you stomach muscles in at the traffic lights, walk up steps two at a time for on the go lunges, use the toilet upstairs (or not nearest your desk), stand up when you are on the phone, do bicep curls with the grocery bags, try walking meditation (rather than sitting) etc.

# Do it on top

How about you? Are there some diet and fitness secrets you can share?


  1. pre getting sick i used to do sit ups during the ad breaks instead of running to the fridge for more food. Of course this was in the UK where ad breaks are further apart than in aussieland. It did give great abs!

  2. My mind immediately went blank! But I could no doubt come up with heaps! Maybe later. Your list is great..."do it on top" had me laughing... it does take more energy for sure!

  3. I love all your tips, I always learn something:)


  4. Great tips Katie, they're such great things for people to remember when exercising - especially the breathing one!!

    But Yoplait No Fat yoghurt has the lowest sugar / carbohydrates though, doesn't it?

  5. aahhh doing it on top is probably why I was a lot leaner in my 20's!

  6. Water is what does it for me.... increase my water intake! And cutting down on my carbs is helping too.....
    Thanks for that Katie, I love reading your blog....
    Mwah xx