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Sunday, 11 November 2007

BFL Challenge Week 6 Day 42 Half Way

Weight = 62.7kg BF% = 20%

It's going to take a very long time to reach the 50's if I only lose 200g per week...

This week it is all about the legs.

I am part of a BFL on line forum and I enter my weekly stats. It's a US site so I am in pounds. The interesting thing is that according to their site, I actually lost 1.4 lbs of body fat and gained 1 lb of muscle. If this is indeed true, then I have had a good week.

Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #5 vs. Challenge #1, Week #6
Starting lean bodyweight: 109.3 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 29.0 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: 110.3 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 27.6 lbs
Muscle gain: 1.0 lbs
Fat weight lost: 1.4 lbs bodyfat

Here are some muscles now...


  1. You look fabulous Katie! Your muscle shot is particularly sexay as all get out.


  2. You are looking amazing girl, your legs are awesome, your waist is teeny tiny... gawd I'm going to drown myself right now, I'm a friggin whale compared to you!

  3. Anonymous4:26 pm

    You go girl!
    You look amazing Katie!

  4. Wow, looking fantastic and your shoulders!!! awesome:)

    Not far to go now:)

    Great work Katie


  5. Hey Kaite, No prob for not getting back to me. Its because of you im doing BFL. You are fantastic.
    Cheryl :)

  6. You're looking so great - and fit! I wouldn't be too stressed about getting the numbers down..

    go the muscles! whoo hoo!