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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Tagged Smagged

I have been tagged by Heather to reveal 7 random or weird things about me. I'm not a great fan of these tagging things so I am going to change the rules. Last time, it was the "evil" list.

This time my list is going to be 7 foods/chemicals I can't live without. I eat these things nearly everyday.

(1) Low fat cottage cheese

(2) Eggs

(3) Diet coke

(4) Sugarine

(5) Low calorie maple syrup
(6) Tinned tuna

(7) Well Naturally sugar free chocolate

Well that was mind numbingly boring wasn't it!! I added the pictures so you wouldn't nod off.


Tomorrow is the half way point of BFL. I won't give away everything because I know you always look forward to my Sunday post as the highlight of the week *wink* but let's just say the word of the week is "stall". Either not having a proper free day (I only ate 1750 calories) slowed my progress or my body has decided to rebel. Interestingly though my body fat % dropped dramatically today but I slept in and weighed in late.

The thing is, sticking to this program has been relatively easy. The last six weeks have flown by. I am really enjoying the good carbs which reduces the all out cravings on free day. When I was eating low carb and trying to re-feed, all I ate on refeed days were the things I wasn't allowed - potatoes, pasta, rice, bread PLUS junk food. This time around, I know I can have the carbs any day of the week so I just have junk food. That doesn't sound like progress I know, but it is. I love free days, they are the best part of this diet. Nothing is off limits forever, there is no guilt and failure associated with eating treats and it appears to rev up my fat burning immediately following.


Yesterday I did Bulgarian Squats for leg day. One exercise that works the entire leg, front and back.
All I can say is OWWW my @rse HURTS.

Bulgarian Squat

This exercise works the front of the thigh, and also the glutes and hamstrings.

Implementation: (A) Face away from a normal height bench and place your rear leg up on the bench. You can check your distance by ensuring that you keep a relatively vertical shin throughout the movement. Keep your chest and trunk vertical throughout.
(B) Lower the body down by bending the knee of the lead leg until the knee of the back leg is almost on the ground. Pause at the bottom and drive off the lead leg. At the top squeeze your quad for a complete peak contraction.


  1. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Shit, yeah, those do hurt!! MY PT has me doing them - byatch!!!!

  2. OOO they look like fun! I kid you not, I'm going to give them a try, if I'm a cripple on Monday, I'M BLAMING you!!! LOL

  3. Anonymous11:04 am

    Oh yeah, go the Diet Coke! That would definitely be in my top 7 too :)

    Those squats look evil!

    Hope you're having a great weekend Katie :)


  4. Oooh squats are hard at the best of times...but I will give those a shot!

    Sounds like the BFL is working well for you:)