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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

This Love Affair Has to Stop

Dear Mr M

Thank you very much for your email pointing out that quoting you directly in my blog without giving you credit by linking back to your site was akin to robbing old ladies of their pension.

Actually, you email was so full of "legal speak" that I was quite entranced. I would quote the actual words here but, alas, I would be guilty of another felony. I could, of course, paraphrase your words but I really can't even be bothered reading it again. So as far as my memory serves me, and using all my very own words, the email said "blah blah blah either put a link to my fascinating blog or blah blah blah take down the quote or blah blah blah the guys from that American show "COPS" will come and blah blah blah ... zzzzzzz ... oops I fell asleep".

Now I admit that it was vaguely impolite to not identify the source of your well stream of superior thought but I didn't want any of my delicate readers travelling to your blog to be unwittingly engulfed in your self absorbed dribble.

What is ironic is that I am guilty of copyright for quoting your words that directly attack me by stating your belief that I may have a binge eating disorder. Apparently it is perfectly OK to defame me in blog world as long as you provide a link but not OK to have the right of reply on my own blog.

But never mind all that, Mr M. I have removed the offending quotes from my blog so you can rest in peace. Your "intellectual" property is safe.

I wouldn't mind if you removed the quote from my blog off yours as well. Even with the link back to me, I don't want to be the subject of your post. After all, fair's fair ...

Then could you just leave me alone. Otherwise my husband with think we are having an online affair.

This is the end of the relationship, we are breaking up. I have wasted enough time considering your misogynistic view of your tiny world.



  1. You go girl!!! That guy was a tosser!

  2. Anonymous9:20 am


  3. who is this dude?

    what have i missed? how did i miss it??

  4. Good for you!!! What a wanker eh?

  5. Anonymous12:07 pm

  6. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Want me to go and give him a Glasgow kiss for you?