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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

And another thing ...

... just joking ... it's alright my dear readers, I promise I will not subject you to another rant!

Tip of the day ... don't piss me off when I have PMT. Otherwise my evil twin will emerge and take over this space ... and you know you don't want that to happen! Damn it was good to get all that anger off my chest (I normally suck it all up).

I don't care what anyone says, I keep looking at my Week 8 photos and although I can't see it myself in the mirror, I look fuck'n HOT!

Now for the good stuff. If you were watching Ch@nnel 10 on Sunday night you would have seen some of my work at the Wh1te Sa1ls Asylum. In honour of my contribution, I received a bottle of Moet. How's that for appreciation - NICE.


  1. Good to hear that BFL is going well for you!

    ps - I came by your blog by way of Kitty

  2. Hi Katie - you go sister - PMT POWER!!

    You look phat! Pretty Hot and Tempting.

    I watched the Powderfinger Breast Cancer concert a while back on VH1 and I thought of you doing all that hard work behind the scenes.


  3. Yeah, he was a wanker! You look awesome:) Its good to get angry once in a while.


  4. Honey you do look hot!! Your the reason im doing BFL!! Ive told you that 100 times and no doubt I will tell you 100 times more. You rock girlfriend!

    I dont get chanel 10, here in the arse end of nowhere :(

    Love your work!
    Cheryl :)