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Thursday, 29 November 2007

You know you are hardcore ....

... when you have sweat stains on the belt of your treadmill
... when you don't sleep all night because of stomach cramps caused by some preservative in a jar of pasta sauce and you still get up and run 4km
... when you look forward to days off because you can work out longer at a leisurely pace
... when you say you are going to run to the shops and you actually run there and back
... when you do biceps curls with the grocery bags
... when your husband phones to apologise that he can't find any low-fat cottage cheese so he had to buy full-fat (the difference is negligible)
... when your husband eats his pizza at the pizza shop so you won't have to smell it
... when you look forward to your period because you know you will have a good weight loss week
... when you have worn out the palms of your weight lifting gloves
... when you feel like shit and instead of whinging on your blog you think of all the reasons you are hardcore!


  1. ha! i'm a different way!

  2. Very cool post!! Would make the most serious couch potato wanna get up and run around the block!!

  3. Excellent! You rock!!Im getting there:)


  4. haha! All of those things!

    Mr N eats his pizza/ ice cream/ corn chips on the front deck before he walks in the house! Just him and the dog stuck out there consuming the 'naughty' stuff..

    Feel better soon!!