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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Healthy Christmas

I had a good Christmas yesterday in terms of "healthiness"

Breakfast was a snack plate. I had pita bread, vege dip, rice chips, low fat cheese, boiled egg, pickled onions and carrot sticks.

Lunch was the full roast turkey with roast veges. I had breast meat, sweet potato, pumpkin, beans, snap peas and brussel sprouts. I found some fruit only cranberry sauce (no sugar).

My dessert was a single tub of caramello icecream.

In the afternoon I went for a run outside and ran 7.5km. I ran around Blackwattle Bay, over the Anzac Bridge and back home via the Fish Markets and Wentworth Park. Last time I ran the Anzac Bridge I had to walk up it. Yesterday I ran the whole way. So much for 'active rest' :)

Dinner was just a few more slices of turkey.

Yesterday morning I weighed 62.9kg, this morning I weighed 62.5kg so a good result.

It makes me feel a tiny bit smug to know I have a headstart on all those poor souls starting out on 1 January. Although that was me 3 years ago ...

It's a beautiful day today, so I am going to head off to the pool for relaxing swim.

I hope Santa was kind to you and you had a wonderful day of love and companionship with your family and friends.


  1. Glad you had a lovley day and managed to maintain your weight! I'm too scared to go near my scales.... evil bloody things.

  2. Well done on your healthy Christmas. My day was very similar only minus the run.