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Monday, 24 December 2007

Final BFL Before and Afters

This is mostly for me to look at and to remember the difference good food and consistent exercise can make.

It is also to remind me that my weight loss was a mere 3 odd kilos - so the scales are no judge of progress.

I am pleased the most with my legs which is where the weight is hardest to shift, and that cut between my breasts (pectoral muscles?). My ribs and flat stomach were back within the first two weeks but it has taken the remaining 10 weeks for my legs to slim down.

In case you wonder why my arse got bigger, it's because I'm on my tip toes in the second photo to show my calves and I am flexing my glutes to stay balanced!

I am actually rather amazed at the results as I never felt deprived or over trained. I could have eaten cleaner, exercised more restraint on my free day, drunk more water/less D.Coke and worked out harder and yet I still did really well. It goes to show that we are all so different in how we respond to 'diet' plans. I feel like shit and have no energy on low carb, I am constantly starving on low fat, and yet when I balance protein, carbs and fat equally at each meal and eat five meals a day, I do really well. And free day makes this plan the best thing ever!

I am going to go easy tomorrow and not have a full on free day. I have healthy snacks planned and turkey is good food at any time. I may indulge in some champagne and orange juice.

For the next twelve weeks I am going to concentrate on uncovering some more muscle. I want visible abs, thigh muscles and the shoulder/bicep bumps without flexing. I have realised that I haven't had a week off exercise all year so I might have 'active' rest [walking, yoga, pilates and swimming] this week and hit it hard again next week.

oh, I nearly forgot ... [too busy being self absorbed]



  1. Katie, You look fantastic honey!
    Im so proud of you. Scales are crap, they lie and you are proof of that. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Cheryl XXXXXX

  2. Anonymous12:18 am

    can i just say that you look fucking awesome and i am so so so very proud of you!!! cant wait to see u in the new yr.. lets do lunch indeed... and im sure you wont be telling me u just ate a magnum this time.. skinny biatch! ;) see u soon. i'll ring u when i'm back in syd.. around the 7th jan!

    ooh also.. merry xmas!


  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS Katie, all the very best for the day. Love Chris H and family.

  4. Anonymous10:32 am

    Love the photos, well done

    Merry Christmas

  5. :I am actually rather amazed at the results as I never felt deprived or over trained."

    That is what it is all about, good for you, you persevered and found what is right for you and just look at ya! You are looking hot!

  6. That's an AMAZING change!