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Saturday, 22 December 2007

She Faltered at the Last Hurdle

Last day of BFL Challenge One.

Sadly the mysterious bloating has not abated so I've decided to ignore this whole week as if it didn't exist.

I probably shouldn't count on any great progress next week with Christmas and all so my final week might be the week after.

I don't really care about "end" dates because I am keeping this exercise and eating plan - I rather like it!

If you want before and after pictures you'll have to settle for Week 11 photos as I didn't take any today.

If you want the arbitrary number from the scales it was 63.5kg this morning, a gain of over 2kgs from last week.

Again, don't really care - I've lost the winter padding and fit my clothes properly again.

I finished with a wimper rather than a bang but it doesn't really matter when I haven't finished at all.


  1. Katie, Your week 11 photos say it all- Congratulations on a wonderful body transformation!
    I'm ignoring the scales too - they are so meaningless, for me too - its all about how I fit in my clothes, and whether I feel good about the way I look - and you should feel terrific because you look terrific!

  2. Congratulations, first of all on completing the 12 weeks (do you KNOW how many people don't?) and second, on understanding that it's not the end, but just the beginning of a great lifestyle.

    And you did good.