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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Sixty ONE point Eight

Blah blah blah - it's not about the scale I know but today, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 61's.

with carbs in my diet.

I am recording this now as I am expecting an ovulation bloat some time soon.

I only have a bit over a week left on this BFL Challenge and I don't know what to do at the end of it.

I just want to keep going because it's working (even though 1 kg a month is far from spectacular) and I am finding it relatively easy.

I am curious to know what maintenance is on this plan. Do you exercise less and eat the same? Or do you continue to exercise 6 days a week and have two cheat days or a mid week cheat meal? Or do you just increase your calories during the week?

Whatever I do I don't want to gain back this hard fought loss. I didn't realise I would finish just before Christmas Day when I started this. Fortunately, I don't really need a special day when I can stuff myself silly on food because I get to do that once a week.

What to do ... ???


  1. Hey Miss Katie, I have the same question about what to do when my 12 weeks is finished. From reading blogs etc, most people just do another one. Im always thinking ahead and im only BFL week 3.
    Cheryl :)

  2. Just keep going - 1kg a month maybe slow but the weight is coming down and its easy.

  3. Can u do another challenge and just keep going until u get where u want to be and then work out a way of maintaining?

  4. Congratulations Katie! And I don't think your weight loss is slow - I think its perfect - any more and you would be losing muscle as well as fat.
    Once you get to where you want to be - I suggest very gradually increasing your calories until you find a level that keeps your weight stable. I reckon the diet and exercise are lifestyle keepers!

  5. You experiment, tweak things and figure out what works for you long-term. For most people, the principles of small frequent meals with a balance of protein and carbs and training of some kind most days is easy to stick with.

    The free meal thing, you have to play around with to find out what suits your life, your preferences and your body. Some like to stick with a free day (not me - ugh!), others prefer to have small indulgences spread over the week.

    You'll figure it out. :)