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Friday, 7 December 2007

Sixty Two Flat

Today I weighed in at my lowest for this challenge - 62.0 kg with 19.9% body fat.
I hope to see the 61's tomorrow on official weigh in day.
3 kilos in 10 weeks is very very slow and painful. I can put it on so much quicker.
Now you know why I can't do the bulk and cut thing ...
I'm a happy cat!


  1. Thats fantastic Katie!! Good luck for the morning!!
    I too am the lowest Ive been in yeeeaaarrrsssss 68.7, BUT I hoping that won't change too much by tomorow either!!...(in the upwards direction)


  2. Anonymous8:53 am

    19% body fat is fucking awesome. you are amazing! x

  3. You are doing great, it's body fat that matters not scale weight and 19% is friggin' amazing!!!

    Bravo Katie!

  4. Anonymous6:05 pm

    That is great Katie, you rock baby!

  5. Anonymous5:32 am

    Well look at it this way.

    1) Considering you are restricting calories & losing weight (which temporarily lowers metabolism)... losing 3 kilos in 10 weeks means you are in a caloric deficit of 330 calories per day. If you are eating around 1350 cals now, that means your metabolic rate is 1700-1800 cals.
    Plus this is bound to increase once you start eating more, because your metabolism will speed up and you'll feel generally more energetic with less metabolic conservation.

    2) You are building muscle while also losing weight because of your exercise... so your true body fat loss is even greater than the loss in kilos would imply. That 1700-1800 figure is probably significantly higher if you subtract the kg of muscle you've gained.