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Saturday, 5 January 2008

BFL Week 14 | TT Week 0

Not bad for a week where I worked 16 hours on one day, had the rest of the week off, had a semi cheat day on Wednesday and didn't do any high intensity structured exercise.

My new goal weight is 59.x kilos and my dream is 15% body fat.

I have resisted a new year resolution by I have decided to set a goal. Inspired by Lisa's one word goal (hers is CUT) I am going with


I would like to:
  • build more muscle
  • build my metabolism
  • build my calorie intake
  • build more friendships and social activities
  • build a deposit for a house
  • build a meditation practice
  • build a photographic portfolio
That takes care of physical, social, financial, spiritual and intellectual which is all the bases covered.

Here's my 2008 stomach and arms:

And here is my new back:


  1. nice pics woman... you HAVE been working out huh? heehhe

  2. Yeah - ditto from me - love the muscle definition you have managed to achieve - very similar to mine. By the way - i was so glad to see that you ditched the DVD because it was too hot! I was feeling very guilty reading yours as I had blown off the exercise for a few days citing "too hot to exercise safely" (of course I don't know how hot it is there, but its been 40+ all week here- and my gym is in the shed - no aircon). Now to anyone who thinks we are obsessive - we clearly are not!

  3. love your build principle!