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Thursday, 24 January 2008

How Does THAT Work?

I got my new book "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" which I will blog about in detail later (except to say it is FANTASTIC and you must read it), and it states something along the lines that if you are in training you should be eating your BMR (mine is 1265) x 1.6 on workout days.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is 2024 calories a day!!!

Yesterday I was on my feet walking around, moving CCB (crowd control barriers) and standing for 12 hours instead of just sitting at my desk. According to Calorie King I burned about 1241 calories yesterday. I didn't workout, but I had done two days of heavy chest, ab and leg work on Monday and Tuesday so my body was also busy repairing those muscles.

So here I am busy, hot and stressed so I ate 2621 calories of healthy(ish) portable food. I ate eggs, oats, cottage cheese, buckwheat noodles, tuna, sultanas, almonds, 2 x protein bars, 2 x gluten free muesli bars, milk and roast chicken at 1am this morning. I fairly much had a small snack every couple of hours except for huge protein hit with the chicken for 'dinner'.

Let's just remind ourselves that this is more than double what I eat in a normal day and around what I eat on a free day.

This morning, instead of feeling shattered after a big day, like I usually do, I feel full of energy (and I worked out - I did the first workout in the NROL4W book which I really enjoyed) ...


I didn't gain any weight AT ALL - in fact with TTOM looming any day now it is possible that I lost weight.

Normally during these mammoth days I hardly eat anything and then have some sugary/fatty rubbish just before bed because I'm famished and then I gain weight the next day.

This is a MIRACLE! The experts might be right (who would have thought? *grins*).

Just when you think that you have your body all figured out, you learn something new ...

It's exciting to think that actually listening to and feeding this wonderful, complex and beautiful machine we call our body, is the right thing to do.

I think I am having another one of my minor epiphanies!


  1. Anonymous1:19 pm

    just wanted to say thank u so much for the bjork tickets. it was the best night ever!

    what did u think? hehe

  2. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it :)

    I always figure if I'm craving food - healthy food, not chocolate etc - then I should eat it because my body must need it.

  3. Wow! Great work. I actually ordered that book yesterday - and the diet one by the same author as well. Can't wait to get them.
    I have read a similar thing on what to eat and my calories are a bit higher than yours - I've been too scared to try it! Maybe I should...

  4. I got my copy last week-but I'm finishing Tosca's Eat Clean book first-we are all going to be absolute fitness experts before it's all done!
    looking forward to your "review".
    And well done on the fat loss!

  5. Katie I am really glad to see you say that!