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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Weigh In 26 January 2008

My weight is up today by 0.8 kg. OH MY GOD what am I going to do *giggle*. Just joking because we need to look carefully at the numbers.

Last week I weighed 61.9kg @ 19.4% body fat = 11.76 kg of FAT and 50.14 kg of MUSCLE

This week I weigh 62.7 kg @ 18.7% body fat = 11.72 kg of FAT and 50.98kg of MUSCLE

So it appears that I haven't gained any fat at all (lost 4o grams) and added 840g of muscle. YAHOO!

I also started TTOM this morning so there might be some fat loss not showing up.

I am fully aware how inaccurate scales are with BF% readings but for now I am happy.

I averaged 1550 calories a day this week (without subtracting exercise calories and including the huge calorie day on Wednesday) and Saturday's are normally free day. In the past, after eating 1100-1200 a day all week I am starving and craving by Saturday and eat everything I can get my hands on. Today I am not going to have a free day because I don't feel like I need it.

I still figure I need to cycle calories so I going to work my way up to 1500 base with an 1800 day twice a week after I am successful at no fat gain on just 1500 straight.

In other news I have this weird rash/spots on my stomach. The photo looks worse than it is because some of the dots are freckles not spots. It is damn itchy and annoying. Do you medically qualified readers have any ideas what it is?

Ewww I've got COOTIES ...

Here are a couple of my Bj0rk photos.

Happy Australia Day!


  1. Rash could be a heat rash like Chris said or it could be a mild allergy to something. Have you introduced anything nice into your diet? Or changed washing powder?

  2. Go see a doc but make sure it isn't something your eating or using on your clothing, I am putting my bets on it being something you ate/used.