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Saturday, 26 January 2008

I'm Booked

Look out all you New Zealanders - I'm coming! I will be in NZ from 8-15 February in Wanganui.

I need help with finding a gym and a yoga class. Any recommendation gratefully received.

I also desperately need social distractions as I will go mental with just my parent's company for that long. So if you are nearby and interested in diet coke or a movie please leave a comment or email me.

Any other suggestions about things to do ... I'm all ears ...


  1. Jezzz I feel like that was directed at me! Diet coke and a movie.. you are on! As long as I can get a sitter! I will email you later with my phone number.

  2. ACK Essie left for New Zealand this weekend, I *think* she is there for a while, you two might have been able to meet up!

    Have fun you lucky bugger :)

  3. There are dedicated Les Mills gyms in NZ all over the place, and they do Body Balance (reasonably close to yoga) and have some good equipment too.

    Sorry can't be much more help!! :) But have fun!!