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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Am I Insane?

I am happy to announce that Liz from The Fitness Solution is going to be my online trainer. I am pleased because she is highly regarded, has lost weight herself and competed and has given me the promise of
"... teaching you about nutrition and helping you tailor a way of eating that not only gets you comp lean, but teaches you how to maintain post comp. I also look at the emotional factors which affect weight control."
She also said
"...I think the ANB comp is achievable for you - we just need to nudge that weight off gently rather than beat you over the head."
But after I filled in the forms, took my measurements and took the 'before" photos I got very anxious and disheartened.

My photos made me look soft, round and plump. After looking at figure competitors photos it seems like it is such a huge transformation in such a short time. I am actually feeling physically sick about it all.

I happened upon this today from which helped
"Any time you take the plunge into the unknown and step out of your comfort zone, you will feel a certain amount of anxiety. If you didn't, you wouldn't really be challenging yourself now would you? When you are at the end of your journey you will be able to look back and be proud of all that you have accomplished ... regardless of the outcome of your particular placing.

You will have stepped up to the plate and tested yourself. Not only will you have accomplished something that a relative few accomplish, but you will have proved that you are true to yourself and your dreams and you go after what you really want in life. So let's get going!"

It's going to be fine I am sure, but I am still a little frightened.


  1. (((hugs))) you can do this, i would be more worried about you if you werent a tiny bit anxious.

    Liz is wonderful and with her on your team you will not fail. Plus you have all of us behind you cheering you on.

  2. Miss K, You will be fine. If you dont try you will never know. Regarless of what happens with the comp you will be looking better and no doubt feeling better about yourself! I dont think you have anything to loose.

  3. I felt like that at first too. Just relax and know you will do it. You have an experienced professional looking after you now. Like you said - what's the worst that could happen?
    How exciting!

  4. How exciting for you! You have shown such guts and determination in the past so I reckon you will just do fantastic in this!

    Heck, I'm even excited to be reading about it and looking forward to the details! You really inspire me.

  5. you not only have liz, you have me too... goooo katie! we can do it together! i will be your buff buddy.

    liz is super awesome and i love her, so she will make you amazing!

    promise! :D

  6. Not insane, just normal like the rest of us Katie. LOL!! ;o)

  7. Hi Katie!
    What you are experiencing is what 99% of first time competitors experience. Fear and doubt will enter into your mind but only because you don't know what lies ahead of you, fear of the unknown as they say.
    I remember feeling that way too.
    My only advice would be to take one day at a time, try not to look to far ahead for now.
    With each step you take you will how newly gained knowledge and better understanding which with take you to the next step and then the next step until you reach the stage.
    You will be fine as you have so much support and a wonderful trainer.

  8. This is a wonderful goal to work towards!
    Good luck!!
    S X

    ps, I LOVE that bodybuilding website!!!

  9. I know what you mean...It's hard to visualise oneself actually being that lean and hard-but-it can be done-these plans have been tried and tested...we have to believe it will work-and work hard at making it work!

  10. Hi Katie,

    I'm training through Liz as well and will be competing in my first comp this year.

    I understand your anxiety, but you will get there. Liz is amazing!



  11. Hi Katie,

    GREAT choice of Trainer!!!



  12. Hi Katie, just found your blog. Love the affirmations in your header! You will do great with Liz. Cheers, Charlotte

  13. Hey Katie, Reading the quote about anxiety and stepping out of your comfort zone made me smile.

    I compete in two sports at the international/world championship level and have done so for years.

    Last year I entered a dancing championship after only a few years socially in that sport - the freak out level was huge because it was a challenge, it was new and it was outside my normal competition experience.

    So what is my point? Embrace it! Enjoy it! Do what you know you have to do and learn at every turn.

    You passion is obvious and infectious. Good luck.