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Monday, 4 February 2008

That Would Be a YES Then

The problems seem so big and imposing because you focus on them so intently and see them so clearly. Imagine looking at some of your best positive possibilities with the same intensity and level of focus.

The past seems so real because you know so much about it, and as a result it commands much of your attention. Consider what would happen if you could put your full, undivided attention on the valuable and creative things you're now able to do in the present.

Whatever you focus upon grows more and more influential in your life. Because the things you focus upon are the things you act upon, and every action has real consequences.

Your life is what you choose to make it, and the time to choose is right now. What you do with the moment at hand is more important, by orders of magnitude, than any past disappointments or present difficulties.

This is the day for you to make a difference. This is your moment to transform nagging problems into magnificent opportunities.

You are able, right now, to choose any thought, any action, and any path. This time, you can choose the very best and truly make it real.

-- Ralph Marston

This is a very long winded way of saying "I'M IN LADIES!". I am announcing to the world (of blogging) that I will enter the novice figure class at the Sydney Natural Physique contest on 25 May 2008.

I am doing this because I am ready to take on a new challenge. And what is the worst that can happen? ... not much - I might not be cut enough ... but I'll be more shredded than I am right now. I might not have the best body on stage ... but I'll have the best body I have ever had in my whole life. I will have no regrets, no what ifs ... I am doing it.

Thank you to all the ladies who offered their support and encouragement, especially those who are on the same journey - I am sure I will drive you crazy with all my questions.

There will be an online trainer ... details will be revealed once confirmed.

There will be a cheer squad - TinyDonna and Reece are booked as Pit Crew. TinyDonna will be 62kgs by then so she will probably be giving me a run for my money in the buff department!

Here we GO !!


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Well then let me be the first blogger to congratulate you and making one of the toughest decisions of your life. Trust me when I say you won't regret it when you're standing up on that stage for the first time, they're aren't words to describe the elation and pride that goes with that. GO KAT! :o)

  2. AWESOME, how neat to have a new and exciting goal! You rock mate.

  3. Good on you Katie - 16 weeks is such a short time out of your life - I know you will be great at it!

  4. Great decision and good luck with it all. It will be tough at times but oh so rewarding when you step on stage and say "I made it" :-)


  5. Anonymous9:35 pm

    you soooo be kicking some serious arse my orange friend! hehehe

    i am loving it already. reece has confessed he is frightened to say the least hehe.

    we sooo have to do pre comp pics at your work!!!

  6. You go girl! Have fun with it!
    Can't wait to watch the progress!

  7. Anonymous11:29 am

    Good choice :)

  8. Congrats on your decision!