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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

T minus 81 days

Weight : 61.0kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1481 out of your net daily budget of 1500 calories and have 19 calories remaining. 15% of the calories are from fat, 47% from protein, 37% from carbs.
Exercise : Lower Body + tabata bike intervals
+ Leg Press to 32.5kg.
+ Leg Extension to 15kg
+ Hamstring Curl to 12.5kg
1:09 hour : 443 calories : 162 max hr : 130 av hr

I am a bit bored with the scales not really moving but I must remind myself that it is ovulation week which normally means an increase so to stay steady means I'm losing weight (I hope).

This morning at the gym I was thinking about easy and hard. These opposite ideas are just that - they are ideas about how we perceive something. So instead of thinking, "Oh my god another hard leg workout and my legs are still sore from Sunday", I said to myself "Yay, leg days are easy because I get to do light weights with more reps." And what do you know, I actually increased my weights on the machine exercises because I thought they were going to be too easy.

Plank is another good thing to approach with an attitude of this is easy. Instead of dreading the exercise, I said to myself "Planks are easy. I could do this all day. I have strong arms and legs holding me up and I just have to relax here for a bit."

It is the same with cardio intervals. I don't think "I have to push so hard for the next ten seconds it is going to kill me", I think instead "it's only ten seconds and then I get to relax for the next twenty seconds".

Struggle is all in the mind. I need to apply this to how I think about weight loss. From now on it is not a struggle for me to lose weight, it is easy when I eat healthy food (which is no problem) and hit the gym (which I really enjoy).

Ewwww - I was taking my fish oil capsules as I typed this and one just leaked in my mouth - f*ck they taste bad!

Have an easy day, stop the struggle ...
eat healthfully, exercise joyfully and live passionately

PS: I think all the cycling has made my bum rounder - I could wrong but there appears to be some shape forming :)


  1. Great post Katie. I've been living with the "S" word lately so I really enjoyed it.



  2. When I first started going to the gym, every time I thought I was too tired to go etc, I'd change it to 'I love going to the gym'. It's amazing how that stuff actually works.

  3. Hi Katie, love your affirmations - great attitude! Fish-oil burps can be pretty gross too!