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Thursday, 6 March 2008

T minus 80 days

Weight : 60.7kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1449 out of your net daily budget of 1500 calories and have 51 calories remaining. 16% of the calories are from fat, 42% from protein, 42% from carbs
Exercise : Cardio Coach 4 on bike

52 min : 358 calories : 162 max hr : 139 av hr

I love Cardio Coach, the time just flies by. Probably because Sean is so goddamn sexy! (well he sounds like he is and he looks a bit of alright in his photos.) I am disappointed that the gym has cancelled almost all of it's 7am classes. My spin bike cost $59 from K Mart and is a piece of crap. Next time I'm going to the gym to do my Cardio Coach tracks.

Although the scales are taking awhile to catch up, I have definitely slimmed down. I wore a pair of size 10 non-stretchy jeans yesterday that fitted perfectly in NZ a few weeks ago, and they were all baggy around the waist and hips.

I have a pair of size 8 pinstriped pants that I bought the one and only time I reached 57kg in 2005. I haven't been able to squeeze into them since. They are my "measurement" pants. Last night - they fitted. Just goes to show that what you weigh on the scales sometimes bears little resemblance to what you look like. I am 4 kg heavier but the same size I was at 57kg 3 years ago.


  1. Gosh, you are doing so well Katie! The comp is getting so close!! Exciting stuff:)

  2. There are lyrics in a song that says, "if you want my love, you've got to earn it".

    If you want those arms and that stomach........

  3. Anonymous12:37 pm

    that is awesome woman. i am sorry i haven't been posting but i have been watching your awesome progress.. good on you darl.

    i am still on the sidelines with the fake tan, trust me on that one!!!


    love you lots.. lets do lunch soon?

  4. very inspiring as always Katie!

  5. I'm loving the daily updates - now that I've met you I feel like I'm practically there cheering you on each day. I've had to give cardio coach a miss this week leading up to the tri - Ms Michael's workouts and the odd swim/bike/run are enough of a challenge for me this week. (I'm mega sore) But you have me fascinated with the no car thing - how the heck did you get the bike home from Kmart?