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Friday, 7 March 2008

T minus 79 days

Weight : 60.5kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1335 out of your net daily budget of 1500 calories and have 165 calories remaining. 18% of the calories are from fat, 44% from protein, 38% from carbs
Exercise : Upper Body + Spin Class + Elliptical intervals

2 hours 5 min : 877 calories : 171 max hr : 142 av hr

UPDATE: So after today's workout it appears I am not training for a figure competition I'm training for a marathon LOL! And all that after I walked around town all day and then walked all the way home.

Having a day off work today as I am working on the weekend again. A new low weight today but I am only reservedly (is that a word?) excited. I always weigh less mid morning after a sleep in than at 6:00am.

Today I am thinking about how easy it has been to follow this diet and exercise routine. I am not sure if it because I have such a solid tangible high risk goal (exposing myself in a bikini on stage) or because the program is less restrictive than what I have been following previously.

It is probably a combination of the two. Having a non-movable date deadline means every day and every moment counts. I can't skip a workout and make it up on another day because I only have a finite number of days. I can't eat a handful of lollies or go over my calorie limit for the day because I don't have any days to waste. Each day has to be on plan because I only have 79 left to make huge changes to my shape.

My eating plan is amazing. I am enjoying all the healthy veges, fruit and whole grains. I eat a lot of food and I am rarely unsatisfied after a meal. Low fat is not so bad when you can still eat thinly sliced slivers of potato and sweet potato baked to a crisp in the oven to calm the chippy monster. Once you stop eating things with sugar added, you are constantly amazed by the sweetness of berries, bananas and capsicum. And a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce is only 28 calories and has half the calories of BBQ sauce which now tastes too sweet.

I am relishing every morsel of my 1500 calories because I suspect that there is some calorie and carb reduction somewhere in my future. But until then, I am eating like a queen. I feel slightly saddened that I have lived for months at times on 1,000 calories a day in a constant state of hunger.

I am also so pleased that I don't have to keep questioning if what I am doing is right. In the past, if the scales weren't going down every day, I would eat less calories, or less carbs because I thought I had overestimated what I needed to lose weight. Now I just eat how I'm told and keep going. There are lots of reasons why the scale isn't dropping numbers, not least of which is that my body needs convincing that I am getting all my nutritional needs met so it doesn't have to hold on to the fat because there's a famine coming.

There's also the wild hormonal fluid fluctuations I go through each cycle and the fluid retention from DOMs (which is a daily occurrence at the moment). This is probably very wrong of me, but I am looking forward to getting my body fat percentage so low that my period stops altogether. Before you berate me for such misguided longings, I only want this to happen so I can switch off my ovulation/PMS bloating for the short period of time leading up to the competition. I don't want to stop having a period forever because I am underweight. I would just like a temporary reprieve from the hormone horrors.

In other non competition prep news, I have been asked to present a session at a conference on planning, safety and security at major events. I feel very flattered to be considered an industry leader demonstrating best practice. This could be the start of a new career on the lecture circuit where I am flown all over the world to tell others how to do events. I know ... I'm getting ahead of myself slightly ... but I am predisposed to dreaming big dreams ... I can do anything I set my mind to!


  1. I feel slightly saddened that I have lived for months at times on 1,000 calories a day in a constant state of hunger

    Yeah! I've been there too in the far distant past and it sucks. Eating plenty, with lots of variety and a few treats chucked in for good measure is MUCH more fun. Hell, I'm much more fun when I eat like a normal person instead of an obsessed dieting lunatic.

  2. Dear Katie and Kek,

    here here ME TOO!!! (And lets not even mention the many days of less than 1000 calories). BAD NEWS. But life is good now.



  3. Congrats on the news on the work front - I like to dream big too!
    The weight loss is terrific, nice and slow and steady - although you look so good now - I wonder where its going to come from! (probably the boobs again!) No, thinking more positively - bound to be the thighs!
    Keep it up. I reckon you're right about needing a deadline - I'm hoping this will push me over the next few months.