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Saturday, 8 March 2008

T minus 78 days

Weight : 60.6kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1593 out of your net daily budget of 1500 calories and have -93 calories remaining. 29% of the calories are from fat, 33% from protein, 38% from carbs
Exercise : Lower Body + 40 run with surges
1 hour 10 min : 455 calories : 163 max hr : 134 av hr

Yesterday I ate too many calories and too much fat. Part of it was due to eating lunch in town with Mr Katie who refused to have a hotdog unless I ate something with him (what's that all about?) (I didn't have a hotdog I had a takeaway tandoori chicken wrap) and part of it due to the fact I couldn't stop eating after my 2 hour workout.

This morning was leg day and my legs refused to work. I had to lower my weights on both leg extensions and hamstring curls because my muscles were screaming in protest by the 6th rep out of 20.

I was inspired by Andj and her food preparation so yesterday I bought a whole lot of plastic containers and a 15 litre cooler to take my food to work in. Now when I make a salad or cook veges, I double the amount and pack the rest for lunch the next day.

This morning was spent looking at new places to rent. We have decided to leave our rather nice terrace in Glebe because the neighbourhood is getting so rough I am too scared to leave the house after dark and the rent is going up $50 a week. In between viewings, I went to the gym for my workout. We didn't find anything though - we want a house rather than an apartment and near to the city. There is no time deadline so we will keep looking.

I have to shower and go to work now because of some stupid boat race on the harbour that will turn my site into the perfect viewing area. And of course that means managing the number of people trying to cram into one space, and supplying toilets etc.

All of my training is done for the week so tomorrow will be a true rest day. No exercise, no work, no hair blowdrying/straightening, no contact lenses, no sports bra, no HR chest strap, no leaving the house. I can't wait. I am rather exhausted.

Today I was considering abandoning my figure competition goal because I have realised that I will hit the 50's very soon and my body fat% is sitting at around 14% in the evenings. A voice in my head tells me I am lean enough and look pretty damn good right now so why all this effort when I could just as easily slip into maintenance mode and turn off all the pressure. But I know it is just the tiredness and frustration talking. I will not give up because I will not live a life of regret not knowing "what if ... I had just kept going for 11 more weeks". Ah ... but some days it is tough ...

The universe is being kind to me - I don't have to go to work after all as it is all under control without me and the crowd is small. I am almost crying with tears of joy although now I feel guilty about having yesterday off!!


  1. Katie with 11 weeks to go your extra calories and fat will make no difference. You've been training hard so your body will lap it up.

    Chin up and soldier on. Its worth the effort.



  2. I go through that too...usually once a month (imagine that!)...but then look at pics of comp girls etc and start getting psyched up again. I'm with you-definitely don't want to have the "what-ifs" in the future!