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Monday, 3 March 2008

T minus 83 days

As I am now officially 12 weeks out from competition I thought I would start a proper diary so that I can record every nuance of this journey.

The tone of this blog may change slightly as I write down my exercise, food and thoughts for the day. I hope it doesn't get mind numbingly boring! Never mind, it's only for 12 weeks!

Well, here goes -

T minus 83 days
Weight : 61.2kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1399 out of your net daily budget of 1500 calories and have 101 calories remaining. 15% of the calories are from fat, 53% from protein, 31% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.
Exercise : 43 min 324 cal 164 max hr 142 av hr

Last night I slept very badly. I went to bed late and kept waking up about once an hour. For someone who is famous for sleeping through storms, earthquakes and civil unrest, a night of broken sleep is devastating for me. I just wake up exhausted.

Nevertheless, I crawled out of bed at 6am and stood on the scales of doom. I was greeted with an overnight gain of no less than 500g which puts me back at 61.2kg. A little disappointing to say the least.

I have set a goal for this week to get to the 59.x kg mark and I thought I only had 0.8kg shed this week. Now it's up to 1.3kg ... sigh ...

*too much information follows*

I am, quite painfully, completely constipated. I have given up sorbitol which is a mild laxative and my body is backing up in protest. I have started taking a fibre supplement to assist but all I am producing is smelly bottom burps!

*it's safe now*

Workout this morning was a spin class at the gym. I find it a great way to do interval cardio, but I always feel like throwing up on the hill climbs about halfway through. It is a nice way to start Monday morning because it feels like a light day compared to weights and cardio. I normally do a spin class on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7am. This morning I noticed they had removed the Thursday morning from the board. V. annoying.

I didn't recognise myself in the mirror this morning at the gym. I look so different. Especially my thighs which seem to be getting leaner and longer.

I was thinking this morning how much I have changed. I used to never leave the house unless my hair was perfect and I had at least some "eyes" on. Now I go to the gym with a freshly scrubbed face, hair scraped back in a pony tail and my fringe clipped off my face. When I leave the gym, my singlet is soaked, my pants look like I've wet myself and I am an attractive (!) shade of red. And I don't care. It's like it is OK to be ugly because I've earned it!!

I got very hungry at work today and I ate meal 4 straight after meal 3. I need to eat more at breakfast so I am not famished by 11am. When I think about it, I need to replenish the energy I burn in the morning so I am not in calorie deficit for so long. Coach emailed to say I didn't eat enough carbs yesterday so I have to work harder at getting the protein and carbs equal at every meal. I still have this "saving up" mentality left over from WW. I tend to save my carbs in case I need them later in the day. Dumb, I know.

I did a leg workout late yesterday afternoon and the DOMs is just kicking in. My quads, hamstrings and glutes are all sore. Holy Biceps Batman - they (biceps) are still sore from Friday and they are up again tomorrow!


  1. Katie,

    I also suffer chronic constipation. I'm having success with psyllium husks in/on my oats in the morning (2 teaspoons). When extremely desperate I use LBS2 capsules (by Nature's Sunshine). They are natural but quite strong. They work a treat for me.

    Can relate to all you're going through now. (Aaaah memories :-) )



  2. Ohh Miss K, Im really looking forward to following your diary.
    Your still my hero!
    C XXX

  3. Idea for you -
    In USA - there is now MiraLAX available over the counter. It used to be prescription. It helps me get over those nasty stop-ups. Two times the package directions is the previous precription doseage - I think. I am fine with following the directions (1/2 dose) and then using it a second time if it doesn't work. I would recommend using it at home - when you are not going any where - just in case. I take it with hot lemon tea and after a meal with a lot of fiber.

  4. When I was going to the gym I didn't give a shit how I looked, so know what you are saying. Well done mate, I am sure the next 12 weeks are going to show some amazing results.