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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Weigh In 84 Days to Go

Firmly in the sixties this week. I am behind schedule to get to goal (54kg) by competition day, but I'll just keep plugging along. This is now the official 12 weeks out mark, so it's getting closer!

This is the wound I received from a spin bike on Monday. It bled so much it got down to my shoe (see the blood stain on my sneaker). I have a big hole in my leg and a bruise around it - OW!

This week has been busy at work. This is the final departure of the QE2 from Sydney. The night before was much busier with the two ships passing in the harbour but I was still on holiday so I didn't see it.

Yesterday we had another major event. I spent all day managing these 2,500 teenagers. Not much fun for me but at least a whole new audience got to experience a skateboarding event at my site.

This week I also got to catch up with the lovely Lisa who was in Sydney for work. We had a tasty meal at a Thai restaurant and talked for hours over diet cokes and green tea. She is a warm, funny, engaging, fit, tiny wee thing - it was wonderful to actually meet in person. She is doing a triathalon next weekend so "Go Lisa!".


  1. Anonymous9:15 pm

    That is so exciting Katie, good on you!
    S X

  2. woohoo! the big 12 week mark!
    yeeeouch-that looks painful-glad it happend now rather that the week of your comp!
    have a great week!