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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

T minus 25

Weight: 56.2kg (123.6lbs)
Yesterday's food: You have used 1362 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 38 calories remaining. 24% of the calories are from fat, 49% from protein, 27% from carbs
Exercise : RPM
1 hour 10 min : 606 calories : 162 max hr : 131 average hr

It is hard to do a spin class when you legs are sore and tired from yesterday's killer leg workout. I had lead legs which hurt all the way through. The other thing is that my bum is no longer useful in providing cushioning when sitting on a bicycle seat. My tail bone painfully digs into the seat so I would prefer to do the whole class standing. I have to keep pushing my butt all the way back so it is almost completely off the seat.

My butt cheeks actually don't meet in the middle at all anymore. It is very strange. In fact a lot of things are strange. When you lose weight you usually end up with a smaller version of yourself. I am not just a smaller version, I am a completely different shape. Because my hips are narrower, my waist doesn't look as small. The saddlebags on my thighs have disappeared and there is a huge gap between my thighs. My breasts have gone and my forearms have muscles. It is one thing to shrink but entirely another thing to feel like you are in someone else's body. I am constantly surprised and puzzled when I see my reflection in the mirror. It is not bad, it is not good, it just is ... strange.

I don't know whether or not to get used to this new form ... after all, it might not be around for long. It will be interesting to see where my post competition fat increase deposits itself. Life is curious ...


  1. Hey Katie, Thanks for the birthday message :) I have to ask, are you scared of putting on weight when all this is finished? Being a lifetime dieter, I would die if I put on weight again. How are you going to cope? How much do you expect to put on?
    Cheryl XXX

  2. That's an interesting point about your waist not looking as small - I'm noticing the same thing. It's WEIRD when you've always been a pear.

  3. Hi Katie

    I recommend padded bike pants for rpm. Even though the tailbone is still an issue I think they help just a bit.

    Isn't it nice to look in the mirror and like what you see?

    Luv Shelley

  4. Hi Katie,

    I also remember feeling so wierd about the changes in my body as I got closer to comp eg no butt (not necessarily a good thing), gap between my legs, really lean arms. Its an amazing journey to an unusual place.



  5. I am really intrigued by all the changes - maybe one day I'll even experience them. Here's an interesting one for you - I don't have a small waist - (I'm more straight up and down) but as I continue with my weight training it looks smaller as my shoulders broaden How about that!