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Sunday, 27 April 2008

T minus 28 - Four Weeks Out

Weight : 56.0 kg
Yesterday's food : You have used 1399 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have 1 calories remaining. 19% of the calories are from fat, 41% from protein, 41% from carbs
Exercise : Walk

Today's weight the same as yesterday so I couldn't be bothered taking another photo.

Today's treat meal was fish and chips at the pub. Unfortunately it turned into a mini binge which is hopefully over now. I am/was craving FAT and sweets.

After the fish and chips which was disappointing, I had some licorice bullets, chips/crisps, and raisin toast with butter. Oh and there was some ice cream and chocolate sauce in there too but all "light" varieties so not too bad.

At this point I have eaten nearly 1900 calories today and 229 g carbs. Oops! I hope Coach doesn't look at my Calorie King today and have a heart attack. Luckily she is still in hospital so medical attention with be right at hand :)

Yesterday I bought three new pairs of pants as I didn't have anything to wear that wasn't falling off. In fact, I have on a pair of cargo pants today that are only held up by my belt. If I undo my belt I can slide them off without undoing the zip or the buttons.

So in order to alleviate this sad state of affairs I got a cheap pair of blue jeans, black jeans and brown dress pant for about $65 total. I know I won't be able to fit in to them tomorrow in about 6 weeks time, but I will enjoy them while I can.

I also managed to get some of the things on my competition list. I got earrings and a bracelet for the comp, but couldn't find a diamante navel ring anywhere. I also booked a hire car for the weekend of the comp so I can drive to Castle Hill and take all my gear with me (otherwise I'd have to go by public transport or on the scooter).

After all my sermonising about walking out of group fitness classes, guess who walked out of high performance RPM yesterday? I was so looking forward to it, but the instructor didn't motivate or inspire me at all. It was probably not his fault, sometimes you click with trainers/instructors and sometimes they just piss you off.

Although this was a factor in my 'walkout' the main reason was that there was something weird going on with the temperature in the room. It was so cold and the fans were at such a high speed that I felt like I was trying to work out on an exposed alpine hillside. I was wet with sweat but I felt like I was freezing. After 40 minutes I just felt miserable, sick and at risk of developing pneumonia so I surreptitiously slipped of my spin bike and left. Once I was outside the room I felt better immediately and went and cooled down (warmed up!) on the tready.


  1. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Four weeks out already, boy how time flies. I bet you're feeling under the pump now? This is where it all gets very exciting. Most importantly, don't forget to stop and enjoy the ride for it will be over before you know it Katie. :o)

  2. jebus that binge sounds yummy!

    i totally asked my instructor flat out if my leaving in the morning's was offensive and she sniggered, pointed to her face with an index finger and made a quick circle while sneering: "bovvered?"


    point taken biatch (i thought)

  3. Mmm - snap on the binge - having my own eating problems this weekend
    I think that was a good call on the spin class - the temp stuff doesn't sound right- as such a low weight you are more susceptible to illness - and the last thing you need right now before the comp is to be sick - make looking after yourself the top priority! Most of the hard yards are already done - now you just need to keep yourself in top shape!
    Are you free next Tues evening? I'm flying in some time - just don't know when

  4. Anonymous9:27 pm

    yum fish n chips!

    you are a gun woman, go nuts! and oh, rpm hi perf. don't stress... i have walked out of normal rpm for a similar reason.