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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Time to Bring it Home

4 weeks
2 kilos to go

Time to bring it home

From this moment forward I am kicking it into high gear. I am going to work twice as hard at the gym. I am going to make every cardio session count. I am going to drink my water and choose the cleanest food I can find. I am going to practice my posing and learn my routine.

I will not be frightened by what I see in the mirror or what number I see on the scales. I will trust my coach to bring my body in to competition as sculptured and as beautiful as it can be.

No more cruising, no more 90%.

Tomorrow is a brand new start. Day one of new journey. The journey to compete has been upgraded to the journey to win. There is no reason why I can't win - age, battle scars, genetics will not be excuses any more. I have gone so far beyond my expectations already that the sky is now the limit.

Four weeks to glory ... no one and nothing will stop me ... I am a machine!


  1. Anonymous9:28 pm

    go team! you can doooo it.

    oh yes also... you need to come shopping at pitt st with me for diamontie (spelling???) navel rings.

  2. HUZZAH!

    love that attitude, your such an inspiration!