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Friday, 25 April 2008

T minus 30

Weight : 56.7 kg
Yesterday's food :You have used 1448 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -48 calories remaining. 17% of the calories are from fat, 44% from protein, 40% from carbs
Exercise : Rest

Only 30 days to go! ... and I am so disorganised.

For someone who spends their life organised everyone and every thing else, I am hopeless at organising my personal life. Here is my to do list

* enter the damn competition
* figure out my routine
* burn my music to CD
* get a base solarium tan
* buy contest colour (tanning product)
* find a tanning salon who will spray it on for me
* book a hotel room for the night before and day of comp
* figure out how I am getting there - the scooter isn't going to work
* remove all hair
* buy bikini bite (update for Lisa - BB is glue to stop your pancake butt eating your bikini bottoms and your empty breast sacks falling out of your top :)
* get stick on nails
* have my eyebrows waxed and lashes tinted
* get my teeth cleaned and whitened
* get my bikini (it's ordered at least)
* get a full body scrub exfoliation
* get some darker foundation
* buy earrings, belly button stud and bracelet
* lose 2.7 kilos
* practice posing
* plan my post competition treat meal

I should draw up a project management plan like I do at work with milestones and action items otherwise I'll never make it.

There is still a whispering voice that insists that a 43 year old woman who has been overweight for her entire life except for the past 3 years will never make it to the stage in a bikini and high heels. There is a remnant of doubt that I can actually do it and utter scorn that I would even consider myself a contender in an elite sporting competition.

I think my lack of preparation is perhaps a subconscious attempt at self sabotage and a display of my lingering lack of confidence in my ability to 'make the grade'. I guess I have been putting off doing all these things just in case I change my mind and decide to pull out at the last minute.

It seems stupid now I think about it. I have come too far to turn back now. I WILL see this through to the end. So I had better get off my ever shrinking pancake butt and get things done!


  1. Katie, You CAN do this! Im sure everyone who is new to this is feeling the same way as you. It will all fall in to place. Im thinking about my Wedding. It was panic stations but it all fell in to place.
    Keep your chin up, your looking fantastic and Tiny D told me that your pics dont do you justice!

  2. Katie you are definitely a contender, god you look absolutely amazing in the photos you put up. You are dead right, no turning back - you keep me inspired every single day to lose my weight.

    Ps The way you described your butt in my comments is EXACTLY how my butt feels right now LOL Very squooshy and liquid

  3. My god, I can't believe you've been overweight for most of your life. I've seen the pics you've posted and I'd have never guessed it. I just assumed that might have put on weight for a while then lost it (only because you talk about weight loss not because you look it). YOu look awesome.

    You've done the hard part already -- all the training and the diet. Enjoy your big day and all the pampering leading up to it :D

  4. Its sooo exciting!
    A dumb question - what's a bikini bite?

  5. Well said Katie. Get off your pancake butt (LOL) and do it. We've all had those doubts at some stage but you push them aside and move on forward.

    Cheering you on from SA


  6. ive been a reder for a while now and may i say you look bloody amazing!

    would you mind answering a question for me? with the calorie king site do you rnter your exercise so that it allows you to eat more or do you just use your 1400 cal limit ( i mean and not add the exercise on the ck site) ?

    god... im not making any sense *sigh*