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Sunday, 20 April 2008

T minus 35 - Five Weeks to Go

Weight : 57.1 kg
Yesterday's food :
You have used 1615 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -215 calories remaining. 15% of the calories are from fat, 28% from protein, 56% from carbs
Exercise : Run
1 hour : 578 calories : 167 max hr : 140 average hr

Things are getting tough ...

Yesterday I developed a headache that turned into a really bad migraine so I missed my spin class. I am so exhausted all the time and I am not sure if it is because I am still fighting this flu or because I am so thin and have nothing much left to burn.

I decided to have a cheat meal of pizza last night for an energy boost which is why the calories are over and the weight spike. It was probably more calories than this but there is no way to tell. I had a sweet potato, zucchini and pumpkin pizza on a gluten free base which was divine but shortly afterwards I felt revolting. I am not sure if it was the food or just the headache ramping up into a migraine of its own accord but I could barely move with the pain and nausea.

I took some heavy duty pain killers and went to bed and thankfully the headache is gone today. I still feel completely washed out.

Today I want to chuck it all in. I know I have come so far and need to finish the job but the toll it's taking on my body is getting to me. I have 5 short weeks left and I am not excited or particularly proud of my accomplishments so far. I just feel skinny and weak.

I took some photos this morning so maybe they will make me feel better ...

and here's one from 1 Oct 2007 in the same bikini for comparison


  1. You look like a figure girl to me! Look at all those visible muscles and some really nice muscle separation in your quads.

    Awesome job Katie. Good on you for having pizza last night - it probably took the pressure off a little.

    You are going to be great!


  2. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Hey mate,
    I think that you have done exceedingly well. You look amazing! Maybe time to listen to your body though? Feeling weak? I'm not sure that is a good thing babes. Please look after yourself.
    S X

  3. Hi Katie
    Check out those biceps!
    I think the questions you are asking yourself are really worthwhile. For a long time now you have wanted to be under 60kgs, but now you are there you need to ask the questions about good health. I obviously think you should follow this through to achieve your comp goal, but afterwards, revisit your questions about what is a healthy, fit and strong weight for you. Check your BMI (height in metres squared/weight in kgs) If its below 18 you are not in a healthy weight category and being underweight can actually be more dangerous than overweight. If anything, if you are loaded with muscle - your BMI should be at the higher end, not the lower end (remember all those huge male figure competitors have BMI's which falsely place them in the overweight category).
    This may just turn out to be a great exercise to realising what a good weight is for you.
    5 weeks to go is not that long - give it your best shot so there are no "what ifs"

  4. Anonymous6:42 pm

    you look fucking amazing but yeh i agree with everyone. i saw stacy go through shit to do her figure comp and it does make me wonder, is this healthy? i mean it is, but in a way its not if it fucks with your system...

    anyway i am no expert... only doctors are. maybe see your gp? make sure everything is ticking along ok?

    love you... lets catch up soon ok? xxxxx

  5. Hi Katie

    I'm hearin' ya! Same boat - wanna chat? Email me your number on

    Luv Shelley

  6. That's enormous progress from 6 months ago, Katie. I'm sure you really want to see this through, but Lisa's advice is definitely have some stuff to figure out after.

    Hope a good night's sleep sees you feeling much better tomorrow.

  7. WOW!!!! What a HUGE difference from October. I am honestly gobsmacked!!!!

    Miss Pinky

  8. You look great Katie but perhaps that's as far as you should go. You don't need to lose anymore fat. Also, you should be feeling fantastic - maybe you are still recovering from the flu or you just need more calories.