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Saturday, 19 April 2008

T minus 36 - a new all time low

Weight : 56.5 kg
Yesterday's food :
You have used 1436 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -36 calories remaining.16% of the calories are from fat, 46% from protein,38% from carbs
Exercise : migraine = none

Here is the expected whoosh. I looked back on last month and it appears the new pattern is to drop a whole lot of weight on the morning of the day I start my period. It hasn't started yet but I anticipate it will be this afternoon.

This is the lowest weight I have ever been since puberty. I have surpassed my initial weight loss record in 2005. I now have a 24 inch waist. I also have very loose skin on the inside of my thighs, but I am hoping it does what my stomach skin did and eventually sticks!

I feel very scrawny and it could be that I don't actually have enough muscle under the fat to be a serious contender in the competition. It doesn't bother me that much, I can work on that in the future if I decide to compete again.

I took this photo the other night when I was posting about what I eat. This is a typical Paleo dinner. Who knew that eating this much food would be the cause of burning up fat cells I have carried since I was 13 years old?


  1. Anonymous11:18 am

    Gosh girly the weight is falling off you. You are doing so well, i'm so excited for you.

    I love the look for your dinner on a paleo day, although i think my jaw would ache from all the chewing.

    hope you are having a lovely weekend

  2. OMG I can't believe you can fit that much in! How rewarding to have this stuff turn yout life around.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm sure there are several ladies competing in novice that are in the same boat, I know I have the same issue of not having enough muscle. It takes a long time to build up serious muscle.

  4. Damn that looks like allot of food! Oviously all good-but still-Damn!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Good work, Katie. :o)

    I felt the same 2 years ago at 50kg ....scrawny. And I was. I'm keen to see how much difference the extra muscle I've built will make now.

    Just think of all the fun you can have (and all the food you can eat) working on muscle gain.