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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Here's the email I got from my mother yesterday

... please get this thing over quickly as you can for the competition. I am very grateful that I can't see you at present, I do so much want this to stop, and the sooner the better! Bet Mr Katie does too!!!

Well thanks Mum ... and you wonder why I don't have any kids!!!


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm

    No one understands a competitor like another competitor and it's unfortunate that she feels this way. You can't control how people will react to your changes but you can control how it will effect you Katie.

    Stay focussed.

    Lia xx

  2. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Parents hey?

    My grandpa used to tell me I was too fat. When I went home at Christmas he told me I was too skinny.
    I think that I'll always be "too something". Meh to that.

    You are doing great.
    S X

  3. Uh... I know many people don't get the whole competition thing, but God! From your MOTHER? Those are awful things to say. And just how does it affect your Mum? - In another country?

    Good thing you're not doing it to please anyone else. LOL.

    Someone please smack me HARD if I ever act like that towards my kids.

  4. Hi Katie,
    Sounds like my mum. Doesn't approve, not interested in coming to watch, tells me I'm too lean (ummm, that's kinda the point). So I know how you feel. I don't have kids either, LOL.

  5. Katie,

    I'm sorry your mum was so negative about your comp aspirations. I know my mum also found it hard to deal with but at least she kept it to herself.

    Its often the people with less than perfect childhoods / upbringings that make great parents though. It makes you realise what NOT to do so that you build a happy relationahip with your kids.



  6. you cant please everyone, doesnt matter how hard ya try someone will still think your a c@#%, so live to please yaself.

    this is what i live by after years of trying to be 'nice' and please everyone else while being miserable myself!

  7. I feel pretty blessed, because even though my family began not understanding why I would choose to compete, they still supported me nonetheless. Perhaps your Mum will come around, perhaps she won't. It doesn't really matter because although she gave birth to you, you cannot live your life and choose your goals and dreams for her. You can only do it for you.

    I will say though, that most people have the wrong idea of the sport. They view it as very unhealthy and one where you "starve" yourself. I don't know what your relationship is like normally with your mum so I can't really guess as to why she felt the need to make her feelings known, I can say though that sometimes it comes from a place where they think they are doing you a favour to "snap you out of it."

    Most of that generation didn't get a lot of emotional and physical gestures of kindness or love from their parents, but were rather loved with food. Perhaps your Mum feels like you are denying yourself that without realising that comforting yourself with food gets you to a place where you are unhappy with how you look in the first place? Not sure if I am making sense now or just rambling so I'll sign off... LOL!!

    All I will say is keep going Katie... you look awesome and you have all the support you need from us peeples in Blogland!! xxx

  8. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Oh Katie, sounds like an echo from my mother...and my sisters, father! I kinda do it now to piss them off hee hee Those that do not understand should not Rae said, you have support here honey x
    PS: where do you live in Sydney?