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Sunday, 11 May 2008

T minus 14

Weight: 57.9 kg (127.3 lbs)
Yesterday's Food : Unrecorded
Exercise: Walk/Jog
1 hour 45 min : 688 calories : 157 max hr : 114 average hr

I had Thai for dinner, a handful of licorice bullets, a caramello koala and a handful of corn chips last night - I hardly deserved the 2.1 kilo gain! All after I burned nearly 800 calories in a spin class just before we went out. Not fair .. moving on.

All carbed up I walked and jogged nearly 11 kilometres this morning. I jogged most of the way back because walking hardly raises my heart rate at all anymore. Here's my route.

Off to have breakfast (I'm hungry), do some long neglected housework and a spot of gardening. Only 14 more days of putting up with my inane dribble and then back to infrequent blogging about bollocks ;)


  1. Anonymous11:52 am

    I wish that i lived in Sydney. I *heart* Sydney.

    S X

  2. Happy mothers day!

  3. hehe that is almost the same as my run... the only difference is that I live in Cremorne, so I loop back up Walker St and through the park to get back home. Cremorne Point is my favourite place ever!